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Freestyle Libre Reader Flash Glucose Monitoring System

FreeStyle Libre

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The FreeStyle Libre system allows you to check your glucose with a painless one-second scan, instead of a finger pricking.


  • With a one-second scan, you can check your glucose anytime you want. Each scan of the reader over the sensor shows the current glucose reading, the last 8 hours of data and a trend arrow indicating if glucose is going up, down or staying steady.
  • The reader stores 90 days of glucose data, so you can see a complete picture of your glucose levels over 3 months.
  • The freestyle libre reader can capture data from within 1cm to 4cm of the sensor, even through clothing.
  • To get a 24-hour glycaemic picture, users need to scan at least once every 8 hours.
  • Use the freestyle libre system and measure glucose discretly. Don't let routine fingerpricks interrupt your lifestyle.
  • The test strip port measures blood glucose levels and blood ketone levels. Measuring Range : 20-500


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