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New Grills New Possibilities

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Limited Edition 70th Anniversary Kettle and Red Kettle

The smoking new possibilities and the hot new grills Weber offers in 2022 are amazing. The Limited Edition Kettles launched by Weber on its 70th Anniversary comes with the combination of Nostalgic and modern features. From aesthetic to functional upgrades, Weber Grills now come with new features that are bound to make your grilling experience increasingly better.

Nods to different eras of Weber’s history can be found throughout detailed exterior in 70th Anniversary Limited Edition kettles. These kettles embody the excitement and good times of1950s Americana. They are a tribute to everyone in the Weber Grilling community from 1952 through today. The four classic kettles which appear from 50s era are Hollywood Gray, Diner Green, Rock & Roll Blue, and Hot Red Yellow. The Hand-Enameled Hollywood Gray is reminiscent of classic films from 1950s. The Diner Green resembles the classic Diner from the 1950s. As the Rock stars were popular in 50s, the Rock & Roll Blue is their reminiscent. The era from where the kettles originated, Hot Rod Yellow is a reminiscent of Classic Hot Rods.

 These Limited edition new grills include the retro features which constitutes of a solid bottom utility tray for storage, a ‘50s hood ornament themed Lid Thermometer, white walled wheels and wood like nylon handles. All of it comes together to celebrate the 70 years of Grilling.

How these features make your Grill different? -  The exterior celebrates the 50s era and gives your Grill a classic look. You can store tools in the utility tray, last featured in 1950s kettles. The Hood-ornament inspired Lid thermometer adds to the classics. Wood like nylon handles resembles 80’s and 90’s kettles.

Why are these important? With a built-in lid thermometer, you are able to accurately monitor the temperature within your grill's cooking chamber, taking the guesswork out of your grilling experience. Enjoy full control, knowing exactly when your food should hit the grates and when to adjust cooking temperatures as you need to.

The Weber limited Edition Kettle comes with GBS hinged cooking grate which are chrome-plated to make them stronger and have been heat tested to withstand high temperatures required to cook your perfect meal. These Grates help in the easy addition of briquettes or wood chips into the grill while cooking.

The Wood like nylon handles comes with Tool hooks and heat shield. The Heat Shield keeps your hands safe while handling the Grill. The Tool hooks allow you to keep your Weber Grilling Tools within your reach. Specially designed bowl vents allow for precise temperature control, perfect for cooking or low or slow cooking.  Why is clean up s easy? - With the ONE-TOUCH Cleaning system, it becomes really simple to get rid of debris and charcoal ash.

Conveniently slide the lid over to the side of the Grill, and tuck it away, with the TUCK-AWAY Lid Holder. The Solid Bottom Tray provides a space to be utilized to keep your Grill related accessories. The Rust resistant aluminum damper helps to allow restore the moisture and maintain the temperature.

Whether you want the heat to build, to die out or maintain a moderate constant temperature for your Grill, the Rust Resistant aluminum dampers will do it all for you.

The other new launch is The Original Kettle Premium which comes in the amazing Red color as a Limited Edition in 2022. The Limited Edition Red kettle constitutes all the premium features of the Charcoal Grill. Starting with Superior Heat retention through its Porcelain Enameled Lid and Bowl. It contains aluminum dampers which help in controlling the temperature of the Grill. The Lid thermometer which helps in adjusting the internal temperature of the Grill. The ONE TOUCH Cleaning System provides a hassle-free cleanup and debris by swiping it into high capacity, removable ash catcher.

Anything more to convince? – Weber offers a premium Warranty. A 100% Weber warranty is covered up to 10 Years on these Limited Edition Charcoal Grills. So don’t wait and treat your backyard with the best it deserves and Discover What’s Possible with Weber BBQ Grills.

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